Rosemary Fox Designs


“Rose is so astonishingly creative and versatile, she deserves her own museum.”
- Dr. Randall Rissman, Founder, Maverick Family Health Practice, Woodstock, New York

“Rose Fox is the most creative person I know. Whether with brush and paint or needle and thread, she makes a world born of a sensibility that has a stronghold in both beauty and nostalgia. By picking up a hand-painted tile or looking at an evocatively painted dressing screen, one can enter her wonderful curiosity shop, wander around in awe and exit as if departing a holy place.”
- Kate McGloughlin, Painter/Printmaker and President, Woodstock (New York) School of Art

“Wit and warmth combine to enhance the skill Rosemary brings to any project. She has a talented designer's eye and an accomplished artist's ability to bring her ideas to reality.”
- Michele Slung, author, best-selling, Momilies: As My Mother Used to Say

“I've worked internationally as a designer for many years, on projects for a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies. This has given me the opportunity to know hundreds of designers of all types, including painters, sculptors and ceramists.

Rose Fox is one of the very best whose work I have come to know. Her skills and experience are wide-ranging and excellent. Furthermore, she interfaces very well with her clients and vendors in the processses of planning and executing design projects. She's flexible in her ability to adapt to changes in customer objectives and schedules on those projects. In light of all the above, I recommend her enthusiastically as a highly-skilled and creative artist/designer.”
- Robert V. Jones, Corporate Manager, IBM Design Strateg, International Business Machines Corp. (ret.)

“I currently have three of Rose's pieces displayed in my home: an embroidery, a sculpture and a painted bowl. Despite the different media used, each uniquely expresses her fine sense of color, balance and whimsy. Another thing: she's a pleasure to work with!”
- Pamela Ryan, Producer, Gigantic Pictures, New York City

“Rosemary Fox helped me to visualize my dream tile design and then came up with a plan that surpassed my expectations. She made it happen - no heartache, no delay - and now my bathroom is my sanctuary.”
- Bonnie Lobel, Winner, 2011 Massachussetts, Victim Assistance Achievement Award

“I'm fortunate to live in a house in the woods that Rose and her late husband, Joel, designed and built together. Over time, I've added to the infusion of beauty already in the place via Rose's handmade kitchen tiles, high relief plaques of local natural life embedded in Joel's chimney stone work and uniquely gorgeous hand-painted reclaimed doors. I've commissioned her to decoratively paint several pieces of furniture, tole light fixtures and tiles. Additionally, and perhaps most endearing, a portrait of my granddaughter, another of my son's dog and a wedding present of an antique poetry book made more wonderful by her added drawings, stitching and collage.

Rose Fox is as highly gifted a collaborator as she is an artist; her vision and sheer ability have enhanced, never overwhelmed any project I've brought to her for realization. Her creations only add to the enduring joy of this treasure of a house, and to the lives of my family. I recommend her without reservation.”
- Margaret Doocey, Psychotherapist